This healthcare marketing glossary defines functions of specific healthcare professions, various departments in healthcare, related programs/services in the healthcare industry and healthcare marketing terms.


Manages all special activities and programs geared towards giving the patient a social atmosphere within or outside of the facility.

Administrative Assistant/Executive Secretary
Organizes administrative office activities, ensures that records are accurate, answers phones, type business forms and letters, etc.

See Chief Executive Officer/President/Administrator.

Admissions/Patient Registration
The formal acceptance of inpatients into an institute. He/she acquires patient information. They obtain a medical history from the patient, find out who the guarantor (the person or insurance company that is financially responsible for the patient’s bill) is, and they obtain the reason for the patient’s visit.

Advertising Manager
Individual responsible for coordinating advertising campaigns, special events, promotions, etc. that announce and inform target customers about the company.

Ambulance Services (EMT)
Person in charge of ambulance unit. Often involving EMT department.

Ancillary Services
The person who oversees the departments which support the nursing and medical staff’s diagnosis and treatment of patients. Such departments include: radiology, pharmacy, laboratory, anesthesiology, respiratory therapy, and physical therapy/rehabilitative medicine.

Manages and inspects the medical study and application of anesthetics (any agent that causes unconsciousness or insensitivity to pain). It involves the administration of local, general, or regional anesthesia before and during surgery. This person can either be a physician or a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA).

Associate/Assistant Pharmacist
Usually works with or assists the Chief or Director of the Pharmacy. Works directly under the head pharmacist.

Audio Visual/Media Services
Carekeeper of audio visual equipment.

An individual qualified by education and authorized by law to evaluate and treat patients with impaired hearing, phonation and including the fitting and dispensing of hearing aids.

Auxiliary/Volunteer Services
Coordinates the services of the community volunteer staff. The staff works at the reception desk and in the hospital gift shop, delivers flowers to patients rooms, escorts patients within the hospital, delivers lab work, etc.


Billing (includes: Patient Accounts, Reimbursement, Insurance)
This person deals with the patient billing and the handling of insurance forms. The title sometimes given to this person is the director of patient accounts because they are in charge of the collection/payment of the patient’s bills.

Biomedical Engineering
Application of the principles and practices of engineering science to biomedical research and health care. Development of devices like cardiac pacemakers, and hearing aids. Responsible for the maintenance of all equipment (i.e. oxygen tanks, dialysis machines, etc.) and apparatus in the laboratory and other departments.

Blood Bank
A medical lab which collects and types blood from donors, then refrigerates the blood until it is needed for transfusion. Ensures the quality and supply of blood needed for surgery. Analyzes blood from donors to determine compatibility.

Business Office Manager
The individual who supervises and coordinates the operations of a healthcare organization’s business office, including the supervision of office functions, such as bookkeeping, clerical services, filing, recordkeeping, preparing reports, and word processing.


The medical study of diagnosis and treatment of patients with cardiovascular disorders.

Case Management
Case management is an individualized approach to obtaining the needed services for a patient by using a case manager to link the patient to direct service providers. It is particularly valuable approach to meeting the service need of the homebound elderly.

Catheterization Lab
Cardiac catheterization is the insertion of a catheter (flexible tube) through a blood vessel. This department may work closely with the biomedical laboratory within the hospital. Ensures quality and reliability of research being performed in the lab.

Central Supplies
Supervises the department that provides sterilization, storage, and distribution of sterile equipment and supplies. Also distributes trays and other sterile products to nursing units.

Chairman of the Board
Elected member of the community who is part of the board of directors.

Chemical/Substance Abuse
Manages the provision of medical care and/or rehabilitation to patients who are diagnosed as alcoholic or have other chemical dependencies.

Chief Executive Officer/President/Administrator
The individual responsible for the overall management of the facility and the final decision maker for the staff. His/her boss is the board of directors and thus, he/she carries out their goals. Negotiates contracts with HMO’s (health maintenance organizations), PPO’s (preferred provider organization), pharmacies, labs, etc. Assists in planning the budget.

Chief Financial Officer
The individual responsible for management of an organization’s overall financial plans and policies and the administration of accounting practices. The job typically includes directing the treasury, budgeting, auditing, and tax accounting and purchasing real state.

Chief Information Officer
Works closely with the Director of Data Processing/MIS. Responsible for the programming and maintenance of the computer systems. Manages the processing of data and trains staff on the uses of computers.

Chief of Medical Staff/President
Presides as chairman over general medical staff meetings and executive meetings dealing with ethics, etc. Resolves issues of mutual concern to both medical staff and hospital administration. Enforces medical bylaws.

Chief Operating Officer/Senior Vice President/Assistant Administrator
The second highest management position in an institution. Person in charge of day to day internal operations such as resolving employee disputes and ensuring that the facility is operating according to scheduled deadlines and operative procedure.

Chief Pharmacist
Head or Director of the pharmacy. Usually does the ordering of supplies and drugs.

Chief Privacy Officer
Oversees all ongoing activities related to the development, implementation, maintenance of, and adherence to the organization’s policies and procedures covering the privacy of, and access to, patient health information in compliance with federal and state laws and the healthcare organization’s information privacy practices.

Chief Purchasing Officer
Purchases equipment and other supplies including those required by the medical staff. Receives and distributes product to their proper departments. Discard old items.

Chief Resident/Residency Program
A resident who has completed minimum training required in a specialty and assumes a leadership role in the supervision, design, and management of a residency program.

Clinical Coordinator - Pharmacist
Pharmacist in charge of the clinical pharmacy.

Clinical Pharmacist
A Clinical Pharmacist is a staff pharmacist - more frequently a Pharm D. (Pharmacist with a Doctorate Degree). They monitor drug reactions within patients (multi-disciplines; illnesses such as diabetes, cancer, and aids).

Consulting Pharmacist
Consulting/Contracted Pharmacist usually works at another pharmacy but may work exclusively at a nursing home, hospital, or clinic.

Maintains a record of hospital expenses and profits. Responsible for general accounting, reimbursements, budgeting, accounts payable and receivable.

Corporate Advertising Manager
Responsible for special events and promotions, radio and television advertising, new store openings, sweepstakes promotions, etc.

Customer Service Manager
Responsible for maintaining goodwill between an organization and its customers by answering questions, solving problems, and providing advice or assistance in utilizing goods or services of the organization.


Data Processing/MIS

Responsible for programming and maintenance of computer systems. Manages processing of data and also trains staff to use computer. In small hospitals this person can also supervise the phone systems, (i.e. Director of Telecommunication).

Data Processing (for healthcare marketing)
The process of correcting, sorting, enhancing and appending the database; Data processing services include removing duplicate records, merge/purge, CASS certification/zip + 4, postal presort, sort order, A/B split run set-up, and other necessary data maintenance; Appended information can include physician specialty, phone number, fax number, patient volume and affiliation with a medical group, health system or hospital.

Data Resolution
DMR Source Verified is a comprehensive healthcare data processing and maintenance service where the customer’s data is matched against more current and accurate data. Accurate records are validated and inaccurate records are corrected. All other records are telephone verified to bring the customer to a 100% data resolution.

Dentist List
A customized list of dentists used for marketing to dentists; can be customized by number of dentists in office, geography or patient volume.

Dentistry/Oral Surgery
This department deals with the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of diseases of the teeth and related structures including the repair and replacement of defective teeth.

Hemodialysis involves the removal of waste products from a patient’s blood through treatments on a dialysis machine lasting about 3-4 hours a day 3-4 times a week. The director ensures that quality medical care is provided to the patients.

Discharge Planner
Coordinates usage of equipment for patients who are returning home from the hospital, assists in coordinating home care and in some cases, locates room, board and care for patient.

Dispensing Physician - Pharmacist
Doctor who takes the place of a regular pharmacist in the dispensing of medication.

Distribution Transportation Manager
Responsible for distribution, transportation, and/or warehousing of products and materials. May also be in charge of order processing, freight management and negotiation.

District Manager
Includes Regional VPs/Directors/Managers.

DRG/Coding Manager
DRG translates to Diagnostic Related Groups. DRG is a system to standardize prospective payments for medical care. The DRG/Coding Manager ensures that all medical records are coded according to government specifications, based on patient’s diagnosis. This coding designates the amount of government reimbursement which the hospital receives for each patient on Medicare programs.


Email Address List
A customized list of healthcare professionals’ email addresses; can be customized by physician specialty or geography, hospital decision maker title, hospital name, location, or geography, pharmacist name, location, type of pharmacy or geography.

Email Deployment
The process of communicating the customer’s message to a specified list of recipients on the customer’s behalf. Comprehensive reports (including number emails delivered, open rate, click through rate) are provided to the customer.

Email Marketing
A version of direct marketing via electronic mail (e-mail); used to communicate promotions, advertise, acquire new customers, recruit attendance for seminars such as continuing medical education (CME) seminars and training, enhance brand recognition and customer loyalty, and reach other marketing goals.

Emergency Room
The section of the hospital that provide medical services necessary to sustain life or to prevent critical consequences. Oversees the care and services provided to patients in need of outpatient services requiring immediate care. This department is staffed 24 hours a day.


Family Practice
Composed of general practitioners that deal with a wide range of health problems within the population. The physician refers the patients to a specialist if he/she is in need of further treatment.

Fax Marketing Solutions
A combination of solutions for healthcare marketing by fax; includes fax number lists for physician offices, hospitals, pharmacies, medical group headquarters, nursing homes, and other medical facilities.

Food Services/Nutrition
Ensures that appropriate foods are delivered to patients on both regular and therapeutic diets. Directs purchasing of food items and supervises clinical dietitians and other food service personnel.

Formulary Committee Chairman
This person is usually a physician that is appointed by the medical staff. The committee is composed mostly of physicians, and has representatives from departments such as nursing, administration, and infection control. This is often referred to as Pharmacy and Therapeutics (P&T) Committee. The committee is concerned with the development and monitoring of pharmacy and therapeutic policies and practices. A formulary is a listing of drugs, usually by their generic names, intended to include sufficient range of medicines to enable a physician or dentist to prescribe medically appropriate treatment for all reasonable common illness.

Formulary Committee Member
Various hospital employees who are selected to be part of the hospital’s Formulary Committee. The formulary committee members meet and decide on which drugs they want to use for their formulary list.

Responsible for all fundraising, donations, and memorials for the hospital. Serves as a liaison between the Foundation (organization that grants money) and the hospital. Coordinates any fundraising or public service events.


General Manager
Responsible for the overall management of a specific area within the company. May report to the President or a Regional VP.

Geriatric Programs
The medical study of the vital processes of an organism including the nature of disease, its causes, processes, development, and consequences of relation to old age. The director of geriatrics ensures the designation of the geriatric team within the hospital, supervises research, and is in charge of clinical quality control within the department. Often this person is in charge of the Skilled Nursing Facility.

Group Practice List
A customized list of group practices used for marketing to group practice decision makers or physicians within the practices; can be customized by size of group, cumulative volume of patients, number of prescribers, prescriber data (volume & type of prescriptions), group headquarters, links to IPAs, hospital affiliations and health systems.


Healthcare Market Research
The process of gathering and analyzing data about healthcare facilities including physician preferences, practices, recommendations for over-the-counter products, details about physician sub-specialties and procedures performed in office, data on usage of malpractice insurance, electronic medical records (EMR) software used in physician offices, identification of practice management software (PMS) used, categories of illnesses treated in offices, prescription volume of individual drugs at pharmacies, physician presribing data, physician office credit card acceptance data and much more.

Home Health Care
Supervises the services provided by health professionals in an individual’s place of residence on a per-visit or per-hour basis to patients or clients who have or are at risk of an injury, an illness, or a disabling condition or who are terminally ill and require short-term or long-term intervention by health professionals.

Hospice Services
Oversees the care of terminally ill patients (those who will die in six months or less as certified by a physician). Provides medical relief of pain and psycho-social support services to patients and their families.

Hospital Database
A comprehensive collection of hospital data organized for convenient computer access. Data includes hospital name, address, phone number, department fax numbers, medical clinics owned by hospital, number of beds, parent company (health system), hospital decision makers’ contact information (name, title, phone/fax, mailing address, email) and hospital website address.

Hospital Gift Shop
Oversees the operation of the gift shop, coordinates the purchasing of items in the gist shop.

Hospital List
A customized list of hospitals used for marketing to hospitals; can be customized by hospital type, geography, bed count or hospital decision maker titles.

A Physician who specializes in the treatment of patients in the inpatient (hospital) setting. Generally, these physicians assume responsibility for coordinating all aspects of inpatient care, including diagnostic and subspecialty referrals. They replace the patient’s primary care physician while the patient is hospitalized.

Disposes of environmental and infectious waste. Supervises janitorial services. Cleans and sanitizes the linens. This director is sometimes also in charge of risk management and safety procedures for the nursing staff.

Human Resource/Personnel
An organizational unit providing for the planning and management of an organization’s human resources, including recruiting, interviewing, and screening job applications, providing benefits and maintaining salary scales, providing orientation for new employees, maintaining a control system over positions of employment, handling labor relations and performing risk appraisal.


Infection Control
Responsible for identifying, controlling, and preventing the spread of hospital-acquired infections/viruses throughout the hospital. All patient care and patient care support departments and services are included in such a program. i.e. hand washing, protective clothing and isolation procedures.

Infectious Disease
Infectious diseases caused by a growth of pathogenic microorganisms/agents such as bacteria or viruses in the body. The Chief of Infectious Diseases is a physician and works directly with the Director of Infection Control to ensure control of diseases within the hospital.

In-Service Education/Staff Development
Develops the education program for the nursing staff according to standards set by the Director of Nursing.

Intensive/Coronary Care Unit
ICU: A special medical and nursing unit section of the hospital with extensive monitoring and treatment equipment allowing minute-to-minute observation and treatment of critically ill or injured patients. This person oversees care of patients who, because of shock, trauma, or life-threatening conditions, require more intensive medical and surgical care as well as comprehensive observation. CCU: A specialized cardiac unit reserved for observation and recovery of patient who have undergone an intensive cardiac procedure or who have critical cardiac problems.

Internal Medicine
Supervises the branch of medicine that deals with the long-term, comprehensive management of both common and complex medical illnesses of adolescent, adults, and the elderly.

Inventory Management
Responsible for the management of inventory levels, wholesaler/distributor relations and loss prevention programs.


Laboratory Services
Supervises the scientific testing and research of blood samples, human tissues, etc. The laboratory is usually divided into sections, including Clinical Chemistry, Cytopathology, and Microbiology. Ensures that lab reports are completed according to deadlines and maintains quality control standards in the lab.


M.I.S. Director
See Data Processing/MIS.

Managed Care Coordinator
Coordinates insurance/payment of the patient’s account for those patients using Managed Care Companies (i.e. Health Maintenance Organization like FHP ). This is accomplished by increasing beneficial cost sharing, controlling inpatient admissions and lengths of stay, establishing cost-sharing incentives for outpatient surgery, selectively contracting with healthcare providers, and directly managing high cost health care cases.

Manager/Supervisor - Pharmacy
Pharmacy Manager/Supervisor works as the head over the staff. In charge of staff management.

Market Research
Oversees the gathering and evaluation of data regarding consumers’ preferences for products and services and the moving of goods and services from the producer to the consumer.

Marketing Information Manager
Maintains marketing statistics, consumer response records, etc.

Marketing/Public Relations/Sales
A system of research, planning, promoting, and distributing needed and wanted services to both present and potential customers. This data is then translated into a format suitable for advertising and public relations. Influences the organization’s image through non-aid channels of the media.

Materials Management/Purchasing
Buys hospital equipment and other supplies, including instruments for the medical staff. Receives the products, then distributes/delivers them to the proper hospital departments. Also known as Procurement department.

Maternal Health Programs
Deals with labor delivery, newborn care up to age one, and prenatal care. This department works closely with the OB/GYN department. Organizes health and social services for pregnant women, mothers, and their children.

Medical Affairs/Medical Director/Physician Relations/Chief of Staff
VP of Medical Affairs: Usually a physician but hired by hospital administration as opposed to physician recruitment department. Liaison between hospital and medical staff. Responsible for day to day operations of both Medical staff Office and Medical Affairs Office. Resolves quality assurance issues. Physician Relations: Resolves minor physician complaints (i.e. it their mail is not being delivered to them). Other duties include orientation of physicians to hospital, physician recruitment, and quality assurance issues. The Medical Director and Chief of Medicine (as Opposed to Chief of Internal Medicine) would also fall under this category.

Medical Assistant
An allied health professional who assists physicians in their offices or other medical settings and who performs a broad range of administrative and clinical duties including, but not limited to: scheduling and receiving patients, preparing and maintaining medical records, performing basic secretarial skills, taking patient histories and vital signs, assisting the physician with examinations and treatments, etc.

Medical Librarian
Responsible for planning, organizing, and delegating all activities necessary to provide library collections and services to meet the needs of medical staff and employees of medical center and for materials and information needed for patient care education.

Medical Mailing List
A customized list of medical professionals used for marketing to medical professionals; includes physicians, hospitals decision makers, pharmacists, nurses, nurse practitioners, physicians assistants and dentists; can be customized by title, specialty, geography or many other details.

Medical Records
The department responsible for the cataloging, maintenance, processing, and control of patient hospital medical records. Responsible for the statistical and qualitative preparation and analysis of the information in the medical records to aid in the evaluation of patient care. Manages personnel, equipment and budgets for the department. Oversees Coding and Transcription departments.

Medical Staff Coordinator/Director of Medical Education
An organizer or secretary for the medical staff office. Takes minutes of medical executive board meetings, responsible for credentialing new staff physicians. Organizes continuing medical education for physicians on staff.

Medicare Coordinator
In charge of processing Medicare claims.

Medicare is the federal program that reimburses hospitals and physicians for health care provided to qualifying people aged 65 years and older, persons eligible for Social Security disability payments for at least two years, and certain workers and their dependents who need kidney transplants or dialysis. Medicaid is the medical assistance program that reimburses hospitals and physicians for providing care to needy and low income people who cannot finance their own medical expenses.

Merchandise Planning Manager
Responsible for planning the layout of the actual site and merchandise. Includes store fixtures, wall, floor, & show cases, pricing, shelf management, store protection, security, etc.

Merchandise, Vice President
Responsible for the overall management of the merchandising departments, store layout, and merchandise management.

Minimum Data Set Coordinator
This person coordinates, in health care, a widely agreed upon set of terms and definitions constituting a core of data acquired for medical records and used for developing statistics suitable for diverse types of analyses and users. Such sets have been developed for ambulatory care, hospital care, and long term care.

Any title/department that does not fit into one of the above categories may be entered using this title code. The word miscellaneous is replaced with the official title of the person.


National Procurement
Individual responsible overall for the procurement, storage, distribution, and disposal functions of equipment, supplies, and products.

Neonatal Care
Concerned with the care of newborns (first 6 weeks after birth) and deals with unique problems that newborn babies might face. The director presides over the department, is in charge of the department’s budget, and provides quality care for patients. In some hospitals this department may be connected with the maternal health or pediatric departments.

A branch of medicine that deals with the diagnosis and treatment of all categories of disease or impaired function of the brain, spinal cord, peripheral nerves, muscles, and autonomic nervous system, as well as the blood vessels that relate to these structures.

The health profession dealing with nursing care as defined in relevant state, commonwealth, or territory nurse practice acts and other applicable laws and regulations and as permitted by a health care organization in accordance with these definitions. Nurses file for various nursing titles including Advice Nurse, Certified Nurse Anesthetist, Charge Nurse, Licensed Certified Midwife, Practical Nurse (licensed), Registered Nurse (licensed), Staff Nurse, Surgical Nurse, Triage Nurse and Vocational Nurse.

Nurse Mailing List
A customized list of nurses used for marketing to nurses; can be customized by specialty, type of facility, gender or type of nurse (RN, LVN, NA).

Nurse Manager of Psych Unit
Oversees the administration/operations of the psychiatric units.

Nurse Practitioner
A registered nurse who has completed additional training beyond basic nursing education and who provides primary health care services in accordance with state nurse practice laws and statutes.

Nurse Recruiter
Recruits the nursing staff for the hospital.

Nursing Home List
A customized list of nursing homes used for marketing to nursing home decision makers; can be customized by location, number of beds, site type, ownership, geography or profit type.

Nursing Services/Patient Care
Writes policy and procedure for nursing staff. Ensures legal compliance with state regulations. Creates department budget. Specifies the focus of educational training and service which the department will maintain. Ensures quality standards for patient care.


Oversees the specialty of medicine that deals with the management of pregnancy, labor, and the post labor recovery period (obstetrics) and diseases of the female genital tract (gynecology). Supervises the labor and delivery unit, delivers newborn, and oversees the care of mothers following delivery.

Office Managers List
A customized list of office managers in healthcare used for marketing to office managers; includes physician office managers, dental office managers, HMO/PPO office managers; can be customized by type of site or geography.

Scientific study of tumors. Often this person is in charge of a cancer unit within the hospital.

Operating Room Supervisor
A registered nurse qualified by education and training to work in an operating room. An operating room supervisor, a circulating nurse, and a scrub nurse are three types of OR nurses. Ensures 24 hours coverage and effective utilization of the personnel. Oversees efficiency of equipment and supplies needed for the treatment of patients.

Orthopedic Surgery
An Orthopedic Practitioner deals with the surgical or manipulative treatment of Disorders of the skeletal system and associated motor organs.

Outpatient/Ambulatory Care
Services provided to patients on a walk in/walk out basis. These patients are not admitted to the hospital. Sometimes this department is involved with day surgery. Oversees administration of minor elective surgical procedures provided to patients who do not stay overnight in the hospital.

Outreach Services/Community Education
Oversees and schedules programs that educate the community such as pal programs, CPR classes, child birth classes, pre-natal classes and first aid. Services offer educational health and wellness programs in addition to medical care programs.

Over-the-Counter Supervisor - Pharmacy
A person in charge of the maintenance of any over-the-counter products reordering. i.e. tylenol, cotton balls, (non-pharmaceutical) or new product launches. Person with buying influence over what is carried in the store.

Owner/Chief Pharmacist
Owner (or co-owner) of one or more pharmacies as well as the chief pharmacist.

Owner (or co-owner) of one or more pharmacies as well as a staff pharmacist.


Pastoral Care
The clergy (chaplain, pastor, priest) who provides religious minister, pastoral care, spiritual consolation/support to patients, their families, and members of the hospital staff.

Manages the section of the lab which is designated for the scientific study of the nature of the disease, its causes, development, and consequences.

Patient Accounts
See Billing.

Patient Education/Health Promotion
Provides education and other services that will aid individuals or groups in achieving optimal levels of physical and mental health. Oversees the written goals for the patient and/or family to aid them in self-care skills, therapeutic regimens and understanding to medical procedures related to the patient’s medical condition.

Patient Relations Representative/Advocate
The person who works with patients, their families, hospital departments and staff, medical staff, and administration in investigating patient complaints and problems while hospitalized. Answers/re-directs all patient questions regarding billing, physician referrals, counseling services available, etc.

Patient Safety Officer
Responsible for the leadership of the patient safety program in the hospital, oversees the formation and working of the Patient Safety Team, investigates patient safety issues and supports the reduction of medical errors.

Patient Transportation
Oversees the activities of transportation of a patient from one place to another. Sometimes referred to as Patient Escort.

Supervises the branch of medicine that deals with the physical, emotional, and social health of children from birth to young adulthood.

An individual qualified by education and authorized by law to practice pharmacy.

Pharmacist Mailing List
A customized list of pharmacists used for marketing to pharmacists; can be customized by pharmacy type, pharmacy ownership, location, environment, prescription volume or hours of operation.

Pharmacy Database
A comprehensive collection of pharmacy data organized for convenient computer access. Data includes pharmacy name, address, phone number, fax number, type of pharmacy, ownership, pharmacy chain data, prescription volume, pharmacist names, pharmacist titles, pharmacist phone numbers, fax numbers and email addresses.

Pharmacy List
A customized list of pharmacies used for marketing to pharmacies; can be customized by pharmacy type, pharmacy ownership, location, environment, prescription volume or hours of operation.

Pharmacy Manager
This person is in charge of preparing, preserving, compounding, and dispensing drugs to the patient.

Pharmacy Services Director (includes: Formulary)
Monitors drugs added to the company formulary. Dispenses medication to patients per physician orders. Usually does the ordering of supplies and drugs.

Pharmacy Technician
A Pharmacy Technician is NOT a pharmacist instead they act as a Pharmacy Assistant. They assist the pharmacist in technical tasks, such as reviewing the past medication histories of patients for drug interactions, packaging prescriptions, conducting inventory control, and managing purchase records.

Physical/Occupational Therapy/Rehabilitation, Director Physical Therapy
Oversees the use of physically therapeutic facilities used by patients. Assist patient with disabilities to restore function, release pain, and prevent disability following disease, injury, or loss of body parts. This person is a licensed physical therapist. Occupational therapy: This person is responsible for assisting patients who have experienced physical injuries or illnesses, psychological or developmental problems, or problems associated with the aging process. Aid in improving their motor skills required for daily activity.

A general practitioner/physician or specialist who is employed by the group practice, but is not considered to be the chief of staff, senior physician, etc.

Physician Assistant
An allied health professional who provides health care services with the direction and supervision of an MD or DO, who is ultimately responsible for the decision making required to initiate and sustain therapy.

Physician Database
A comprehensive collection of physician data organized for convenient computer access. Data includes physician name, address, phone number, fax number, physician specialty and practice specialty, UPIN number, DEA number, license state, patient volume, medical group, health system and hospital affiliations.

Physician List
A customized list of physicians used for marketing to physicians; can be customized by physician specialty, practice specialty, geography, patient volume, prescription volume or other detailed information.

Physician Prescribing Data
Decile data of physician prescriptions used for pharmaceutical marketing to physicians. Physician prescribing data includes physician name, specialty, address, phone number, fax number, and prescription data by drug brand or class.

Physician Recruitment
Recruits and hires physicians to work at the hospital.

See Fundraising/Foundation/Planning/Development.

Plant Engineering/Maintenance
Responsible for the repair and servicing of a hospital’s physical plant including the hospital grounds, building, and equipment. Dispatches engineers to service the electrical units and machinery in the hospital.

See Chief Executive Officer.

Product Manager
Responsible for the overall production process either of a specific product within the department or the entire production area. Includes responsibility for compliance with regulatory and/or quality standards.

Professional Education Manager
Individual responsible for coordinating continuing education programs that provide current knowledge relevant to employee’s field of practice.

Psych Partial Hospital Services
This person conducts and supervises the counseling programs for psychiatric patients that visit the hospital on an outpatient basis. The counseling or therapy programs sessions may include one or more patients at a time.

Psychiatry/Psychology Psychiatry
Heads the department of Psychiatry (medical study, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of mental illness). Psychology: Heads the department of Psychology (science of mental process and behavior).

Public/Community Relations
See Fundraising/Foundation/Planning/Development.

Purchasing Manager
Buys office equipment and other supplies, including instruments for the medical staff. Receives the products, and then distributes them to the proper departments.

Purchasing Manager
Individual responsible for the procurement of supplies and equipment.

Purchasing/Materials Management
The individual who is responsible for the procurement, storage, distribution, and disposal of equipment and supplies.


Quality Assurance
Responsible for maintaining the set of activities designed to demonstrate that goods and services provided by the organization are the best possible with available resources and consistent with achievable goals.


Radiology/Medical Imaging
Oversees the x-ray of diagnostic imaging department, which uses radiation for diagnostic and treatment of medical conditions and diseases. This department could also include radiation therapy and/or nuclear medicine sections.

See Administrative Assistant/Executive Secretary.

Regional Vice President
Responsible for the overall management of the offices within specific regions. This person deals with clients and reports to the President.

Registered Dietitian
An individual qualified by training to use his or her knowledge of nutrition to help people maintain or recover good health.

Research & Development
Supervises the activities performed by a team of professionals working to transform a product idea into a technically sound product capable of being promoted.

Respiratory Therapy/Cardiopulmonary
Supervises the administration of oxygen and certain potent drugs to patients, such as surgery patients. They provide ventilator support and associated services to patients.

Risk Management
Ensures the prevention and containment of liability by the careful and objective investigation and documentation of critical or unusual patient care incidents. For example, in psychology, the risk management deals with preventing suicide and patient-related violence and its association with liability.


Sales Training Manager
Responsible for coordinating training and education programs for the sales department.

Security Services
Responsible for protecting patients, their families, and an institution staff as well as safeguarding the facility, equipment, and supplies.

Skilled Nursing Services
Supervises the nursing care for patient whose professional nursing needs do not require acute hospital nursing care, but who need inpatient supervision by a registered nurse, either because of the nature of procedures that must be performed, the amount of care needed, or both. Some of the procedures and treatments generally included in skilled nursing care include injections, administration of medications, changing of dressing, and observation and monitoring of a patient’s condition, including taking vital signs.

Social Services
Manages the psycho/social support services and other resources that are provided to patients and their families. Services include crisis intervention and support group. Sometimes also known as the director of patient or guest relations.

Social Worker/Counselor
An individual qualified by education and authorized by law to practice in the field of social work. This classifies in two groups: A pre-professional may be classified as a social service aide or technician. A professional position is one requiring a Bachelor of Social Work degree, a Master degree or related experience.

Staff Pharmacist
Staff or Registered Pharmacist working under a chief, manager or director of the pharmacy.

Staff Physician
A general practitioner/physician or specialist who is employed by the hospital, but is not considered to the Chief, Chairman, Director, etc.

Store Manager - Pharmacy
A supervisor/manager (Non-pharmaceutical) in charge management of the store.

Support Services
The person who oversees the departments that are integral to the operation of an institution. The three groups are: administrative (i.e. Medical records, volunteers, personnel, purchasing), environmental (i.e. maintenance, plant operations, housekeeping, laundry) and patient (i.e. social services, dietary).

Oversees the administration of inpatient surgical services. Director of Surgery is usually a registered nurse, in smaller hospitals sometimes referred to as Operating Room Supervisor.


An individual having special skill or practical knowledge in an area, such as operation and maintenance of equipment or performance of laboratory procedures involving biochemical analyses. Special technical qualifications are required.

Person in charge of set-up and maintenance of the phone systems and networking between computer systems. In small hospitals this person can be the same as the Director of Data Processing.


Utilization Review
The process of examining the appropriate need of a patient’s hospital admission, service provided, the patient’s length of stay, and the hospital’s discharge practices. This type of review is required by JCAHO, Medicare, Medicaid, etc.


X-Ray Technician/Radiology Technician
An individual who maintains and safely uses equipment and supplies necessary to produce images of the human body on x-ray film or fluoroscopic screen for diagnostic purposes.