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IQVIA’s doctor database features office-based, practicing doctors. Call today: 800-258-9479 or fill out the form to the right.

A doctor mailing list from IQVIA provide the largest, most accurate selection of doctors at their business addresses. Inside its Research Center, every six months, IQVIA’s Research Associates telephone-verify every field of every record in the doctor database to maintain the most accurate information. Every day, IQVIA calls more than 10,000 medical offices, hospitals, pharmacies and other healthcare sites to update our databases, fully verifying an average of 2,750 sites per day.

IQVIA’s doctor mailing list is telephone-verified every six months using a unique verification process to make sure all data is consistently monitored to bring clients quality lists. This doctor mailing list and other IQVIA healthcare lists are always telephone-verified at the source. Contacts and profiling information are never added to the list until the source verifies the information. IQVIA’s database entails 2.1 million profiles of healthcare providers and decision makers from 480,000-plus healthcare facilities nationwide.

The doctor mailing list paints a full profile of each doctor, with email addresses, phone numbers, site addresses, fax numbers and other profiling data connected to each name. Also, the doctor database targets only practicing doctors—not researchers, professors or other non-prescribers. Reach doctors where they make business decisions… at their offices. Also market to other decision makers in doctor offices, such as office managers, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, or medical directors.

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