OneKey Minute: Healthcare How-to Video Series

Quick Tips for Healthcare Marketing

How do I improve my physicians email campaign open and click-through rates?
What is the best method for segmenting my lists of healthcare practitioners?
How do I learn what marketing channels physicians respond to most?

Healthcare-marketing professionals are constantly asking themselves these types of questions, on an ongoing quest to improve their marketing tactics and grow results and sales. OneKey’s how-to video series, the OneKey Minute, brings viewers proven tips to maximize their marketing budgets and manage healthcare marketing lists for various projects–straight from OneKey’s in-house marketing experts.

Submit your healthcare- marketing strategy and-execution questions for future episode topics.

Episode Guide

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Episode 8: How to Target Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants

Episode 7: How to Reach HCPs with a Complete Digital Profile

Episode 6: How to Target by Hospital and Group Practice Affiliations

Episode 5: How to Target Healthcare Providers by Select and Channel

Episode 4: How to Match and Append Your Healthcare Database

Episode 3: How to Use a Verification Service to Improve Commercial Teams’ Interactions with Physician Offices

Episode 2: How to Design Custom Surveys for Healthcare Practitioners

Episode 1: How to Create a Physician Email Campaign