What Our Customers Have To Say About Us

“My sales rep Beau was fantastic. What impressed me most was that he always answered his phone, had a great attitude (you could hear his smile over the phone) and went out of his way to find a solution to help.”
Tracey Riley, Executive Director & Founder
Accelerated Hiring Solutions and SCL Health Systems

“I’m glad to see our health system ‘breaking into the top 20’ (cue Kasey Kaseem America’s Top 40 music). I'm glad to see that we ranked and are growing, although one of the most interesting things to observe is how all the systems are growing so rapidly! Thank you for the great research.”
Michael H. Shannon, MD, Providence Medical Group - Olympia Endocrinology, Chair, Endocrinology/Diabetes Clinical Advancement
Team, Providence Health and Services, Medical Director for Accountable Care, PMG SWR

“Conrad was a huge help in assisting our market research department understand the data packages offered by SK&A. He worked with us to ensure that the product he was offering us aligned with the data needs we had. He was quick to follow up with any inquiries we had and has continued the great customer service after the sale.”
Joshua Stout, Market Research Analyst
Geisinger Health Plan

“Thank you SK&A. We were looking to improve the quality of our provider data which was critical for our business stakeholders and we heard good things about SK&A. I would confidently say that SK&A lived up to expectations. The level of clarity, speed and professionalism shown by SK&A was commendable. I would also like to mention the Sr. Account Manager, Marty Weinert, who was instrumental in answering the questions we had and explaining each aspect of the SK&A database on in a timely manner. Overall, SK&A has been a valuable partner to work with and I am confident that we will continue to have a positive relationship with SK&A.”
Ashwin Peter, Senior Business Analyst

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“Thanks SK&A! I needed to up-date and verify our state-wide hospital database in an unreasonable amount of time. SK&A met our challenge with exceptional speed and professionalism. The SK&A database we purchased has restored our communication foundation and has already increased survey response rates by almost 300%! We consider SK&A a partner and valuable resource.”
Gina Navarro, Sustainable Food Project Coordinator
University of Maryland / School of Medicine -- Maryland Hospitals for a Healthy Environment

“Spending money with SK&A is worthwhile. What I get is what I ask for. SK&A does all the mining for us. It sounds too good to be true, but I’m a believer! We’ve taken a huge step forward by using SK&A data.”
Bill Edgar, Principal/COO/SVP
F&E Enterprises of Marion County, Inc.

“SK&A is at the top of the food chain when it comes to healthcare data. They are very well-known in the business for having quality data. I consider SK&A a go-to healthcare data provider.”
Glenn L. Laudenslager IV, President
Charge Ahead Marketing

“The physician list and its delivery rate were good. For this campaign, our investment was low, and we got great results.”
Kathleen Fisher, Online Marketing Manager
National Assessment Specialists, Inc.

“Working with SK&A has made my job as a marketer much easier. I trust their information. They’re extremely timely and always willing to work with me no matter what the request. I would recommend SK&A to everyone, except my competitors.”
Michelle Boucher, Director of Marketing
Software Unlimited, Inc.

“We chose SK&A. They have good, clean lists. SK&A does payback for returns, which really minimizes our costs. That can be a lot of money wasted.”
Bill Isom, Operations Manager

“The office-based physician list is great. It's added significant value to our internal CRM system and made us aware of many contacts we were not even aware of.”
Mike Prime, Director of Marketing
Exscribe, Inc.

“We were very impressed with the quality of SK&A's hospital emails. With other companies' data, we might have gotten names that matched with phone numbers-an enormous waste of time. I was frankly amazed at these results. I imagine we will be using SK&A again.”
Doug Black, Director of Marketing

“We consider SK&A data to be our bible. I don't care what the pharmacist says. They can't join our panel unless they're on the list. If SK&A leaves a pharmacist out of their list, so do we.”
Kathy Nisiewicz, Senior Director of Operations
Delta Marketing Dynamics

“We needed registered nurse addresses from a specific area in New Jersey, and sales rep Kevin Cunningham did a great job in culling the information and forwarding the list within a tight timeline. By virtue of Mr. Cunningham’s friendly and competent professionalism, we would indeed be a repeat SK&A customer if we ever elect to pursue a targeted mailing again. It couldn’t have been a better experience.”
Edward Malkin, Manager, Rehabilitation Services
Visiting Nurse Association of Somerset Hills

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“The Office-Based Physician lists I’ve found using SK&A’s Live Counts tool have been very high quality. The number of returns I get is only 1%, which is much less than other lists I’ve used. SK&A also provides great customer service. Patty Evans, my sales representative, is so helpful; she feels like my business partner. I highly recommend SK&A.”
Sharon Miley
Medical Training Systems

“Returns went down dramatically. We’ve seen a sharp decline in returns since using SK&A data. We’re saving thousands of dollars a month on returns. We’re not getting calls and faxes from offices telling us doctors died or moved like we used to.”
Chris Panebianco, Vice President of Marketing
Bankers Healthcare Group

“We would definitely use SK&A physician data again. SK&A has the best lists. Their email addresses are 100-percent vetted, selected and tracked. Working with my sales rep Jeff Whiting was also terrific. He made our jobs easier and the process painless.”
Susan Jaffy Marx, Director of Marketing Communication
Karl Storz Endoskope

“We were very pleased with the follow-through and results. The database was perfect. It was in the format we needed. SK&A had all the exact selects we needed for the application. It was like our wish list.”
Michael Gallagher, Cofounder
NogWorld LLC

“The bounce rates were really low. SK&A does a good job of maintaining real email addresses. The acceptance rate of member invites is also very good. This is on par with our expectations.”
Jeff Tangney, Founder
Doximity Corporation

“SK&A provides a valuable benefit to its customers by sharing the information in the Email Performance Archive. The information has been very useful in analyzing email performance metrics.”
Lisa Keener, Circulation Manager
Modern Healthcare

“I am impressed with SK&A’s professionalism, responsiveness and quick turnaround. We can count on them to deliver on time, even with the occasional tight deadline. SK&A is a pleasure to work with, and the quality service we have received is the difference between meeting expectations and exceeding them!”
Lisa Haley, VP of Marketing
Qforma, Inc.

“Even before I started my brokerage agency over 11 years ago, I purchased data from SK&A. I have always been confident presenting their information to prospective customers as well as repeat customers. Direct Mail Connection has always had an emphasis on providing medical list data. I know I can count on SK&A to provide my clients with the most up-to-date information available. There have been times that I am not sure exactly what my customer is requesting. I just call my rep, Cori LaRue, and with her knowledge and expertise in the product, we figure it out and I am left with a happy customer. And we all know a happy customer becomes a repeat customer!”
Susan Gray, CEO
Direct Mail Connection

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“We found your list to be of very high quality. We had very good results from our direct-mail campaign.”
Betsy Sklar, Director of Business Development
Competency & Credentialing Institute

“The reps feel better, the playing field is equal, and there is no finger-pointing. The way we work with our sales reps has improved, and the process has been streamlined. We haven’t had any errors with SK&A’s hospital list.”
Rick Rollins, Marketing Representative
Nova Biomedical

“SK&A’s data quality is the best that’s available; certainly better than any other data I’ve found elsewhere. SK&A is the leader in this area.”
George Scarborough, Director of Marketing
Studer Group

“With SK&A’s pharmacy lists, we’ve had strong responses to getting sales. For the most accurate lists, their pricing is very competitive. I’ve used other list sources, and I would rate SK&A at the top. The others don’t even come close.”
Mike Horton, Vice President
The RX Exchange

“We will definitely use SK&A again. The most beneficial aspect of our campaign was the customization of the emails and the ability to follow up with phone calls. We checked on other vendors' email capabilities, but they cost an absorbent amount of money. They cost considerably more than SK&A.”
Stephanie Morton, Associate Program Manager
The Academy for Continued Healthcare Learning

“SK&A data is very accurate, especially the fax data. We will always trust and purchase SK&A fax numbers and mailing addresses. No other data vendor keeps up its database as well as SK&A. You can’t depend on that with other list providers. That’s really the truth of the truth. We’ve had the best experience with SK&A.”
Cheri Hric, Senior Project & Panel Manager
Ipsos Healthcare

“The Office-Based Physician list made me hundreds times the dollars I spent on it. Everything I’ve bought from SK&A since then has made me money. My relationship with SK&A has brought me more than $140,000 in placements that I wouldn’t have had without them.”
Marc Golden, CEO
M Golden Staffing

“I use SK&A because they have the most accurate, largest list of pharmacy contacts, and my clients don’t get any returns on mailing addresses. We’ve gotten good responses for the last six years of using SK&A.”
Herb Torgersen, President
DirectInnovations, Inc.

“Since working with SK&A, we’ve seen an increase in called-in leads and completed sales, which we are sure is a component in the recent record-breaking months we’ve had in bookings.”
Joel Charles, Vice President of Sales
The Harloff Company

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“I got a lot of names from Live Access. People have told me to use other doctor list websites, but this was so much more concise. Everything that I needed was there.”
Colette Devine, Independent Sales Representative
Smart Allergy Labs

“Getting counts is very easy with Live Counts. I also appreciate the invoicing aspect; I can order what I need without having to track down the company credit card. When I’m running searches and need more contacts, my sales rep, Laura Daniels, helps me add in more specialties to get better counts. She’s been really helpful.”
Sarah Shelburn, Marketing Manager

“Using SK&A’s hospital emails is a good way for us to get leads. My sales rep, Kevin Beerup, is an excellent resource and very knowledgeable. He understands the email technology and our business. I leave everything in his hands. I would highly recommend SK&A.”
Bob Brown, Vice President of Commercial Sales
Life Uniform

“Love the [Physician Access] report, have followed it for the last two years, and cite it often when presenting to pharma audiences – always citing SK&A as well. Think of me as an ambassador for SK&A data.”
Bill Cooney, President and CEO
MedPoint Communications, Inc.

“SK&A has been a premier source for the best healthcare lists for our customers for over 15 years. You can always count on their data to be fresh and accurate.”
Bill Fletcher, President
The Right Lists, Ltd.

“The campaign was a resounding success. The results exceeded the other suppliers’ results by two times.”
Jim Spurr, Partner

“We’ve looked at a number of sources for this information to see if someone is better than SK&A, but no, there is never a source that is better. As an analyst, you have to be comfortable with the quality of data. SK&A’s data is extremely valuable.”
Mark Ishimatsu, Senior Analyst
The Lauth Property Group

“Working with my sales representative, Shelly Gelber, was a pleasure! He was responsive, detail-oriented, and always available to answer my questions. The listing I received from SK&A was accurate and up to date, and definitely helped us increase attendance to our online seminar.”
E. James Arking, Marketing Manager
The Binding Site Inc.

“Your list is great. All the info is current and easy to use. I really can see why you’ve been in business so long. Great customer service with a wonderful product – you can’t lose!”
Karen Ornelas, Executive Assistant
Boyd Communications

“We’ve used SK&A for telephone and fax lists, which are always up to date and very good. SK&A has become more of a research partner that we can depend on.”
Janet Bernard, Senior Vice President, Community Development
MedPanel LLC

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“AFIP has been a customer with SK&A for more than 10 years. We rent mailing lists for direct-mail brochures for our CME programs. I have been very pleased with the quality of data and service from SK&A. Our sales representative, Daniel Franz, has gone out of his way to personally ensure that we have the best results.”
Christina McLean, Marketing Manager
Armed Forces Institute of Pathology (AFIP)

“When I switched to SK&A, it felt like a partnership from the beginning. Their interests were clearly aligned with our successful marketing campaign. We received the best results we have ever had from any campaign and with less energy spent. Five stars SK&A.”
Brian Keegan, CEO
Blue Phantom Ultrasound Training Models

“I always receive my lists before the deadline. The quality of the database is determined by the number of sales made. It is one of our better-performing lists.”
Tammy Walbert
Wolters Kluwer Health / Lippincott Williams Wilkins

“Fast counts and super quick order turnaround. Please just keep doing what you are doing!”
Lisa Horder, Director, List Brokerage
Institute Lists

“We have used SK&A for many years. We are consistently pleased with the quality and accuracy of their data!”
Heather Mankin, Senior Marketing Coordinator
Cross Country Education

“The staff was always available to clarify questions or handle complex requests. Data was reliable and consistent.”
Audigy Group LLC

“I have been working with SK&A for over two years now. They are by far the best information service company I have used. My representative is professional and courteous, and the accuracy of data is extremely good.”
Robert D. Bridgman, Marketing Director
American Medical Software

“With shrinking budgets and higher expectations from our clients, I am grateful my sales rep, Tom McCulloh, always manages to get me exactly what I need, when I need it, and at the price I can pay.”
Danielle Rommel, Project Manager
ABcomm, Inc.

“My sales representative Conrad Wyszomirski’s highest priority is that the customer be satisfied. When things aren’t quite right the first time, he always goes the second, third, and fourth mile to make sure the customer’s needs are served. I have always been impressed by Conrad’s level of commitment to customer satisfaction.”
Mike Merrion, President
Merrion Healthcare Solutions, LLC

“The service is excellent, and my account executive is very easy to work with. He makes great additional recommendations.”
Joel J. Cooper, President
List Strategies, Inc.

“I have regularly been very impressed with the customer service at SK&A. Our frequent questions about lists and universe counts are met with enthusiasm, and sample orders are generally delivered earlier than our requested delivery dates.”
Sam Lubchansky, Research Operations Manager
Kantar Media

“The client service we receive is fast, dependable and goes beyond our expectation. The reporting is extremely helpful in measuring results on our direct-mail and email campaigns for our clients.”
Melissa Szabo, COO
Marketing Symphony, LP

“SK&A addresses my unique requirements and goes the extra mile to meet my needs. The quality of the lists is superb.”
Jackie Blend, Advertising Manager
Carstens, Inc.

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“SK&A provides us with timely quotes, quality lists and exceptional customer service. Now more than ever, this level of service is of utmost importance.”
Brandie Nabors, Marketing Systems Administrator
The University of Alabama

“I was very impressed because we had high deliverability and response rates. It really pays back to go with a company that verifies contacts.”
Katy Dowd, Director of Marketing
Simpler Consulting

“I have worked with SK&A for over five years and have always found that they are primarily relationship driven instead of sales driven, as you will find with most firms. They are quick, reliable and cost competitive. I recommend them frequently because I know that they will always come through.”
Jessica Primanzon, Marketing Manager
CME Outfitters

“Just wanted to say thanks again for a fantastic job pulling this project all together. These are sometimes difficult processes to manage that can often fly apart at any moment, but it worked. We have our first application constructed and are getting high praise from the deliverable.”
Sean Kelley, Analyst
McKesson Pharmaceutical Marketing

“I have a lot of respect for the SK&A brand.”
Rick Niemi, President
Independent Pharmacy Solutions

“Over the last four years I have used several list companies and the only company that has delivered what they said they could or would has been SKA. So when I needed my lists this time, I just went to the company that gave me what they said they would. Thank you, SKA, for your fair, honest, and prompt service.”
Vival A. McCarty

“In our opinion, you ARE the just keep up the good work!”
Justin Everette, Marketing Manager
TeleVox Software

“Just keep doing what you are doing! Always such a pleasure working with your company! Such an effortless process for every order we place with you.”
Robin Hodge, Account Executive
Lake Group Media

“I always get what I want with little directions given. Their service is very reliable and trustworthy.”
Natalee Morgan, Manager of Administrative Service
Weatherby Locums, Inc.

Just a quick note to let you know we are very pleased with the high level of professional service your folks provided us on a fax out we are doing with SK&A. Your associate James Hilgreen was very politely persistent in getting back to me in a sales capacity, and then when we committed to the project the execution was frankly great.”
Jon Jenett
ILG Group Inc.

I Googled for nursing lists and chose the SKA link. The first list we purchased has provided (so far) a return on investment 12 times what we paid for the list. We were so pleased we decided to purchase another list.”
Cindy Jo Minett, Sales Team Leader
Nursing Knowledge International

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