HCO market intelligence

Real-time healthcare supply chain intelligence

Connecting with decision makers in the healthcare supply chain today requires current data and analytical power. With web-based HCO market intelligence from SK&A, executives, marketing and sales professionals can easily navigate thousands of healthcare supply chain databases to effectively analyze market potential, manage customer relationships and identify hospital and healthcare facility IDN, GPO and ACO purchasing influencers.

Medical device, pharmaceutical and other medical suppliers use HCO market intelligence to:

  • Access detailed data from over 500,000 healthcare facilities
  • Connect directly with 4+ million decision makers
  • Identify market potential and trends with over 6,500 metrics
  • Manage customer account purchasing relationships
  • Download detailed healthcare data into existing systems
  • Identify targets for new product rollouts
  • Prioritize leads and allocate resources

New features!

  • Corporate family tree — Enhance your understanding the supply chain hierarchy with a visual snapshot of corporate affiliations
  • Executive PDF profile — Achieve precise targeting with robust key executive profiles
  • 11 additional reports — Including ambulatory surgical centers, assisted living centers and cancer centers

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