Data processing

Match, correct and enhance your database

Reach more contacts by cleansing your customer or prospect database. Healthcare database appending can add valuable information such as specialty, phone number, fax number, patient volume and affiliation with a medical group, health system or hospital.

Research shows that up to 12 percent of physicians move, retire, pass away or make other professional changes every year. This means that it is crucial to keep your healthcare database up to date to stay current with these constant changes. In addition to electronically matching, verifying and correcting contact and site records, SK&A’s team of highly trained Research Associates perform manual resolution services, which may include phone and Internet research.

What you get with healthcare data processing services:

  • Deduping
  • Merge/Purge
  • CASS Certification/Zip + 4
  • Postal Presort
  • Sort Order
  • A/B Split Run Set-up
  • Any other data maintenance that is necessary

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