Catalog Mailers

Target high-income decision makers at work and home. Find solutions for business-to-business marketing success and business-to-consumer marketing success.

Catalog Mailers

Gain access to more than two million high-income professionals in the workplace and at home. Buyers have time to make decisions at work as well as home. The real proof is in the amazing number of repeat orders we get from uniform, office supply, medical device, gift, travel, stationery, financial services and magazine catalogers.

Business-to-business: Many traditionally compiled B2B databases give only coverage of healthcare sites and the on-site decision makers there. Don’t miss these small business sites with dollars to spend. Our business and office manager data allow you to go right to the decision maker to offer high-tech upgrades and niche products.

Business-to-consumer: Healthcare professionals work long hours and make good money. What better targets for vacations, designer clothes, office and home tools, and other consumer catalog offerings?
Innovative catalog companies select from the following responsive lists:

Professional contacts can be selected by income, job title, geography and gender.

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