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Research Center

Verifying Data
SK&A healthcare databases are comprised of the most up-to-date information available in the industry today. Our research shows that 15 percent of physicians move each year. That means we update over 100,000 physician files in our database every year!

What allows us to keep up with the constant change and offer our customers the most accurate marketing information? Our team of 105 experienced Research Associates in our advanced Research Center. Unlike other list and database companies, SK&A employs a highly trained, full-time, in-house staff of Research Associates.

How do we achieve uncommon levels of accuracy and completeness?

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Take the Tour of SK&A’s Research Center

This video takes you inside SK&A to show you how its data are acquired, verified and delivered to customers. To ensure data accuracy, the team in the SK&A Research Center, located in Irvine, Calif., calls and verifies every single record in its database of over two million healthcare providers every six months. Meet the individuals who manage each primary database (Office-Based Physician, Hospital and Pharmacy), the team of Research Associates, the custom market research supervisor, and the customer service manager who make sure data orders endure the test of quality before they’re delivered.

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In addition to our Research Center team, our data-collecting team continuously acquires and verifies new data that’s gathered through such sources as: