Basic pricing for lists

(minimum of 5,000 records)

/M = per 1,000 records

Name, company and address
Sites only (company name and address)
Site size
# Physicians at site or group
Site type/practice specialty
Phone numbers
Fax numbers
Key-coding up to 8 digits
NPI number
Email addresses (1x use)
Email addresses (unlimited use 1 year)
Electronic medical records usage (all fields)
Integrated health system affiliation

Unlimited use pricing

Postal data with phones (standard):
$2,675 minimum
5,000 records or less
5,001 – 50,000
50,001 – 80,000
80,001 – 160,000
More than 160,000 records
Full record layout (with fax numbers)
$125/M, plus the prices above

(Must have "Fax Broadcast Provider" documentation in place.)

Available delivery formats for all lists

List delivery by email

Specialty products

Online directory solutions
PrescriberPlus™ - Physician Prescribing Data
Combination mail/phone/fax packages
For pricing on the above products, please contact your SK&A sales representative: