SK&A Announces Results of Physician Access Preferences

October 12, 2010


Irvine, CA – SK&A, today announced results of its ongoing survey of U.S. medical offices to determine the policies for allowing pharmaceutical and other medical industry sales-rep access to physicians and other prescribers. The Physician Access survey is based on completed telephone interviews with more than 237,000 medical sites representing 680,000 physicians.

While other similar studies and services are based on sample surveys, projections and manufacturer-based data, SK&A has invested in a comprehensive, ongoing survey to directly profile every U.S. medical office and record their exact policies for contact with sales reps. SK&A surveys its Office-Based Physician database every six months from its Research Center in Irvine, California.

After three years of measuring access to physicians, what has emerged is a portrait of doctors and their willingness to interact with sales representatives. Nearly half of the physicians surveyed say they require or prefer appointments to be made by reps prior to one-on-one meetings, while about 23 percent of doctors refuse to see sales reps at any time at any of their practice locations.

According to the survey, the percentage of doctors who will not allow access unless an appointment is scheduled increases measurably when their practices are owned by hospitals or health systems. In many cases, the appointment must be made through a headquarters location rather than the practice site itself.

"As prescribers become busier and less accessible, understanding physician access preferences is critical to successful sales and marketing resource planning, and execution," said SK&A’s Dave Escalante, Vice President of Data and Information Solutions. "The information available from SK&A’s up-to-date profiling of physician access gives sales and marketing organizations deeper insight, enabling them to target more efficiently while not jeopardizing important relationships."

Managing sales-rep calls is a significant part of the physician work week. According to the latest findings of the Physician Access study, most doctors (98%) report their offices are visited by up to 20 industry reps per week or one rep an average of every two hours.

Other significant trends found within the survey include:

The Physician Access report is available to help healthcare marketers and sales executives in appointment-setting and connecting personally with physicians. SK&A has compiled access data at the physician level and offers custom databases selectable by geography, specialty, office size, patient volume, practice ownership and other variables upon request.

Editor’s Note: For a copy of the summary findings for publication, please contact Jack Schember, SK&A Director of Marketing, at 800-752-5478, ext. 1259.

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