SK&A Announces Drug Sample Acceptance Rate

August 04, 2011

23 percent of doctors say no to free drug samples offered by the pharmaceutical Industry

Irvine, CA – SK&A, a leading provider of healthcare information solutions and research, today announced the results of a year-long survey to determine physician preferences for accepting drug sample packages provided by pharmaceutical companies.

In pharmaceutical sales, drug sample distribution is one of the highest expenses after labor costs. Drug companies spent $6.5 billion on sample distribution in 2010, or 21 percent of all promotional expenses, according to SK&A. SK&A’s survey results offer insight for understanding the physician specialties that have the highest and lowest drug sample acceptance rates and how individual physicians prefer to receive the sample packages at their practice locations.

The average drug sample acceptance rate among physicians is 77 percent, according to SK&A’s telephone survey of 168,834 medical offices representing approximately 480,000 physicians in 56 therapeutic specialties. The majority of physicians (68%) prefer samples to be delivered either in-person by a sales representative or mailed by the manufacturer or distributor, while 27 percent prefer only an in-person visit and 5 percent prefer to receive only by mail.

“This latest profiling information from the SK&A Research Center will be highly useful to pharmaceutical marketing, sales and compliance teams who want to identify the most effective distribution channel to engage their targets and ensure readiness for sample tracking and reporting requirements,” said Dave Escalante, Vice President & General Manager of SK&A and OneKey. “The survey results have been appended to the OneKey, Powered by SK&A database of U.S. prescribers and can be segmented by practice specialty, geography, office size, ownership and other targeting variables.”

Eight of the 56 physician specialties surveyed had acceptance rates of 90 percent or higher. Among the other insights found in the SK&A research study:

The SK&A Research Center will continue to survey medical offices on their drug sample acceptance rates and preferences through 2012, with the next dataset scheduled for release in January 2012. This latest survey is part of SK&A’s commitment to enrich the OneKey, Powered by SK&A database with high-value data fields for improved targeting and segmentation. Other new information selections include Physician Email Preferences, Site Adoption of EHR/EMR, Languages Supported at Site, and Physician Access.

Editor’s Note: For a copy of the “Drug Sample Acceptance Preferences” report, please contact SK&A Director of Marketing Jack Schember at 800-752-5478 x 1259.

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