Postal News

United States Postal Service Rate Increase Largest in 11 Years CNN Money
January 2014

Obama Endorses Ending Saturday Mail Delivery The Associated Press
September 2011

Postal Service Reveals New International Shipping Options DM News
February 2011

Postal Service Files for 2011 Rate Increases DM News
January 2011

Losses Double for U.S. Postal Service CNN
November 2010

Postal Service Could Survive Volume Decreases with Significant Price Hikes: Study DM News
September 2010

Customers Urge Postal Service to go Digital DM News
August 2010

PRC Approves USPS 'Summer Sale' DM News
April 2010

Postal Service Edges Toward Cutting Saturday Delivery CNN
March 2010

Postal Board of Governors Approves Five-day Delivery DM News
March 2010

USPS Proposes Delivery Cut, Rate Hike in 2011 Direct
March 2010

UPS Announces Average Rate Increases of 4.9 Percent for 2010 DM News
November 2009

Postal Service Announces Mix of Price Cuts, Increases for 2010 DM News
November 2009

Postal Service Pledges No Rate Increases for 2010 BtoB
October 2009

Postal Service Gains Reprieve from Congress BtoB
October 2009

USPS Mail Volume Down, Ad Mail Takes Biggest Hit DM News
August 2009

Postal Service Offers New 'Autumn Sale' for Volume Mailers BtoB
August 2009

Summer Sale Starts July 1 for Eligible Mailers DM News
June 2009

USPS Changes Move Update Standard to 95 Days U.S. Postal Service
November 2008

USPS Moves to Improve Address Quality for Mailing Industry U.S. Postal Service
March 2008

USPS to Offer Competitive Prices for Express Mail, Priority Mail U.S. Postal Service
March 2008

Cost of Postage Increasing One Cent by May 12, 2008 U.S. Postal Service
February 2008