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With almost 100 percent of physicians communicating, working, prescribing and accessing information online with smartphones, email is the most effective way to capture their attention. Many pharma and medical device companies are choosing email marketing because it’s fast and affordable. They are targeting prescribers for surveys, recruitment, webinars and product messages.

Most compliant list of physician business emails

Physician email addresses from SK&A are found inside the physician database, which is completely phone-verified every six months. A unique verification process guarantees the monitoring of this database to ensure clients receive the most high-quality physician email list. Each record that is added to or updated in the SK&A databases is phone-verified at the source by the SK&A Research Center. The SK&A database has 2.1 million profiles of healthcare providers and other decision makers from 480,000 healthcare facilities nationwide.

SK&A offers the only 100-percent telephone-verified database of professional physician email addresses. While most other commercial email databases are built through Web harvesting and list compilation without validation, SK&A’s unique process requires that every email address is telephone-verified at the source and matched to an active practitioner at an active business location. The result is the highest quality, most compliant list of business email addresses available anywhere. Target your message to more than 760,000 physicians in 90 specialties.

Physician email list features and benefits:

Email append services

Append email addresses to your existing physician information. SK&A can match the current email address of any physician to the physician record in your database. Inquire about email appending and other data appending services.

More ways to market to physicians:

Clean and enhance your in-house database

SK&A’s DMR Source Verified is a data cleansing and enhancement service. Make sure your physician data is current and accurate with DMR Source Verified.

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