SK&A Live Access

Your online access to two million healthcare contacts

SK&A Live Access is a powerful online search tool that lets you see all your prospects in one place. Now you can locate, sell to or recruit more than two million healthcare professionals right from your computer. Search for physicians, dentists, pharmacists, nurses, administrators and others. Set your parameters, enter your queries, and SK&A Live Access will instantly return the most accurate, reliable data.

Best Uses for Live Access
How to Create a List

Save time by using only one search tool to:

More robust features than any other look-up program:

Superior data you can trust
Accuracy—Every record is telephone-verified every six months by SK&A Research Associates, ensuring that the data you access is the most accurate in the industry.

Coverage—More than two million professional contacts at more than 400,000 business sites, the biggest database in the industry.

Active professionals—All physicians are practicing and prescribing, not researchers, educators, or retirees.

Decision makers—More than 200,000 business and office managers who make purchasing decisions every day at their offices.