Pharmacist Database for Sales and Marketing

SK&A’s pharmacist database features active pharmacy decision makers at U.S. pharmacies

Pharmacist Database

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Sample fields in the pharmacist database include:

Pharmacist namesPharmacy phone numbers
Pharmacist titlesPharmacy fax numbers
Business addressesPrescription volume
Mailing addressesPharmacy type, location and environment
Pharmacist email addresses
Number of stores in chain

SK&A’s pharmacist mailing list connects pharmacy names with emails, phones, faxes, addresses and other profiling data.

To ensure data in our pharmacist database is accurate and up-to-date for all types of pharmacy sites, SK&A’s in-house research center associates verifies every field of every record in its pharmacist database by phone. Whether you’re trying to reach independents or national chains, you can target decision makers at every level. The best part is every name in the pharmacist database connects to each contact’s email address, site address, phone and fax number, and other profiling data.

SK&A’s Research Associates call more than 10,000 medical offices, hospitals, pharmacies and other healthcare sites every day to update our databases, fully verifying an average of 2,750 sites per day. This ongoing telephone-verification process means you get the most high-quality, responsive pharmacist mailing list available.


What customers are saying about our pharmacist mailing list:

“With SK&A’s pharmacy lists, we’ve had strong responses to getting sales. For the most accurate lists, their pricing is very competitive. I’ve used other list sources, and I would rate SK&A at the top. The others don’t even come close.”
Mike Horton, Vice President, The RX Exchange

“I had been looking for the right database to start communicating with a very specific pharmacy audience. Two very well-respected trade journals pointed me to SK&A, and I soon learned why. Their data is top quality, and their customer service is great. I’m glad I found them.”
Mike Stotz, Manager, Business Development, Kirby Lester, LLC

“I use SK&A because they have the most accurate, largest list of pharmacy contacts, and my clients don’t get any returns on mailing addresses. We’ve gotten good responses for the last six years of using SK&A.”
Herb Torgersen, President, DirectInnovations, Inc.

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