Medical Group Practice Lists

Sell to the medical group, rather than the individual provider or location

Find the biggest and best sales and marketing opportunities with SK&A’s medical group practice data. We have the information and resources to help you understand the dynamics of medical groups. Identify all the players – from the physicians, nurses, and assistants to office managers, directors and CEOs - and improve sales and marketing success by targeting the right decision makers who have the most influence.

What is a medical group?

The provision of health care services of three or more physicians formally organized in a business entity that shares equipment, records and personnel in the provision of patient care and in business management.

Accuracy first

SK&A maintains contact information on 58,527 group medical practices. Because we telephone-verify every site every six months, our group practice list is the most accurate and current. Most data providers rely on inaccurate "name and address matching" to put groups together.

Improve sales and marketing with a medical group practice list

Reach all the physicians within a medical group or practice

What’s inside the database?

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