Hospital Mailing Lists for Sales and Marketing

SK&A’s list of hospitals features only active decision makers at hospitals

Hospital Mailing Lists

New Targets! 305,280+ Hospital-based Physicians. 87% practice only at hospital locations. Get counts by site specialty.

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Build your ideal hospital mailing lists with these data selects:

Decision maker namesMedical clinics owned by the hospital
Business and mailing addressesNumber of beds
Department fax numbersParent company (health system)
Hospital phone numbers Hospital specialty type
Hospital email addressesTreatment types and programs
Hospital WebsiteAHA ID#
Use of Electronic Health Records

Our list of hospitals has decision maker names with linked emails, phones, faxes, addresses and other profiling data.

Because of high yearly turnover in hospitals, it’s vital that your hospital list stays accurate and fresh year in and year out. SK&A guarantees this by continuously updating its hospital mailing lists, verifying every field of every record every six months. The result is the most current and complete list of hospitals, contacts and profiling information. This commitment to quality means success for your hospital marketing and research projects.

SK&A’s continuous telephone-verification process delivers the most responsive, high-quality list of hospitals available. Each day, SK&A Research Associates call over 10,000 medical offices, hospitals, pharmacies and other healthcare sites to update our databases, fully verifying an average of 2,750 sites per day.

Every six months, SK&A hospital mailing lists are telephone verified. A standardized verification process ensures the data is consistently monitored. This means that SK&A can deliver clients the highest-quality lists. The list of hospitals and other SK&A healthcare databases are telephone-verified at the source. New or updated contact and profiling information is not added to the SK&A database until the source has confirmed the information.


Find out what customers are saying about SK&A hospital sales leads:

“We will definitely use SK&A again. The most beneficial aspect of our campaign was the customization of the emails and the ability to follow up with phone calls. We checked on other vendors' email capabilities, but they cost an absorbent amount of money. They cost considerably more than SK&A.”
Stephanie Morton, Associate Program Manager, The Academy for Continued Healthcare Learning

“When I switched to SK&A, it felt like a partnership from the beginning. Their interests were clearly aligned with our successful marketing campaign. We received the best results we have ever had from any campaign and with less energy spent. Five stars SK&A.”
Brian Keegan, CEO, Blue Phantom Ultrasound Training Models

“SK&A’s data quality is the best that’s available--certainly better than any other data I’ve found elsewhere. SK&A is the leader in this area.”
George Scarborough, Director of Marketing, Studer Group

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