Hospital Email Addresses for Sales, Marketing and Research

SK&A hospital email lists reach 130,000 confirmed decision makers directly at their business sites

Hospital Email Addresses

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Build a hospital email list with these selects:

Decision maker titles Hospital specialty type
Geography Treatment types and programs
Gender Ethnicity
Number of bedsAffiliations
Medical clinics owned by the hospitalParent company (health system)

Hospital email addresses are phone-verified business domains, so they pass the IP reputation test

Deploy messages to hospital email addresses without worrying about accuracy and deliverability. All hospital email addresses are phone-verified in SK&A’s Research Center every six months. SK&A’s dedication to quality data means better deliverability and results with hospital email campaigns.

Hospital email addresses from SK&A are part of its hospital database, which is updated twice per year. SK&A’s unique verification process ensures profiles are consistently monitored to ensure clients receive the most high-quality lists of hospital decision makers and other healthcare decision makers. This process makes sure that no records are added to the SK&A databases until they are telephone-verified at the source by an SK&A Research Associate. The entire database from SK&A contains 2.1 million profiles of healthcare providers and decision makers at 480,000-plus healthcare facilities nationwide.


Read what customers are saying about SK&A data

“The client service we receive is fast, dependable and goes beyond our expectation. The reporting is extremely helpful in measuring results on our direct-mail and email campaigns for our clients.”
COO, Marketing Symphony, LP

“I was very impressed because we had high deliverability and response rates. It really pays back to go with a company that verifies contacts.”
Director of Marketing, Simpler Consulting

“I have worked with SK&A for over five years and have always found that they are primarily relationship driven instead of sales driven, as you will find with most firms. They are quick, reliable and cost competitive. I recommend them frequently because I know that they will always come through.”
Program Marketing Manager, CME Outfitters

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