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SK&A hospital email lists reach 158,087 confirmed decision makers directly at their business sites. You pay only for delivered emails! Call today: 800-258-9479 or fill out the form to the right.

Hospital email addresses are phone-verified business domains, so they pass the IP reputation test

Deploy messages to hospital email addresses without worrying about accuracy and deliverability. All hospital email addresses are phone-verified every six months. SK&A’s dedication to quality data means better deliverability and results with hospital email campaigns. You pay only for delivered emails!

Hospital email addresses from SK&A are part of its hospital database, which is updated twice per year. SK&A’s unique verification process ensures profiles are consistently monitored to ensure clients receive the most high-quality lists of hospital decision makers and other healthcare decision makers. This process makes sure that no records are added to the SK&A databases until they are telephone-verified at the source. The entire database from SK&A contains 2.1 million profiles of healthcare providers and decision makers at 480,000-plus healthcare facilities nationwide.

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