Case Studies

SK&A Provides Health System with Crucial Recruitment Data
Company: The Guthrie Clinic, Pennsylvania and New York
Industry: Healthcare
Application: Email Services and Postal Lists

Keck Graduate Institute Partners with SK&A for Successful Survey Completion
Company: Keck Graduate Institute of Claremont, California
Industry: Education
Application: Email Deployment

SK&A Data Helps Triple Size of Conference for Nurse Leader
Company: Living Sublime Wellness
Industry: Healthcare
Application: Email Deployment

SK&A Hospital Data Helps WATT-MAN Achieve 99-Percent Deliverability in Direct-Mail Campaign
Company: WATT–MAN LED Lighting, Charlottesville, Va.
Industry: Commercial and industrial LED lighting
Application: Direct Mail

Physician Connect Helps XOMA Reach Dermatologists for Acne Survey
Company: XOMA Corporation, Berkeley, Calif.
Industry: Biotechnology
Application: Physician Connect, a customized market research tool

Covidien Partners with SK&A for a National Disease Awareness Campaign
Company: Covidien – GI Solutions, Sunnyvale, Calif.
Industry: Medical Devices and Supplies
Application: Email Deployment

SK&A Hospital Postal Addresses Bring Reach-A-Lite® 99-Percent Deliverability
Company: Reach-A-Lite®, Edgewood, Texas
Industry: Material Handling Equipment
Application: Direct Mail

SK&A Data Outperforms Competition by Six-Fold in Software Unlimited, Inc. Telephone Campaign
Company: Software Unlimited, Inc., Baltimore, Md.
Industry: Healthcare Information Technology
Application: Telephone Marketing

SK&A Physician List Drives Direct-Mail Recruiting Campaign for National Assessment Specialists
Company: National Assessment Specialists, Inc. (NAS), Torrance, Calif.
Industry: Healthcare Consulting
Application: Direct Mail

SK&A Physician Data Drives 40 Percent of Registrants for Healthcare Conference
Company: Charge Ahead Marketing, Milford, Conn.
Industry: Healthcare Consulting
Application: Direct Mail

SK&A Physician Data Helps F&E Enterprises Increase Leads by 75% and Close 20% More Sales
Company: F&E Enterprises of Marion County, Inc., Ocala, Fla.
Industry: Healthcare Consulting
Application: Telephone Marketing

OnBrand24 Healthcare Supports Business Development Initiative Using SK&A Hospital Data
Company: OnBrand24 Healthcare, Beverly, Mass.
Industry: Call Center Services
Application: Email Deployment

SK&A Partners with Delta Marketing Dynamics to Validate In-house Pharmacist Panel
Company: Delta Marketing Dynamics, Syracuse, N.Y.
Industry: Market Research
Application: Pharmacist Panel Validation

Becon Medical Direct Mail Campaign for Product Launch Identifies U.S. Physician Opinion Leaders
Company: Becon Medical, Tucson, Ariz.
Industry: Medical Equipment
Application: Direct Mail

SK&A Office-Based Physician List Helps Bankers Healthcare Group Increase Direct Mail Deliverability by 6 Percent
Company: Bankers Healthcare Group, Southwest Ranches, Fla.
Industry: Financing / Loan Services
Application: DMR Source Verified and Direct Mail

SK&A Physician and Hospital Data Drives iPhone App Pilot Launch
Company: NogWorld LLC, Phoenix, Ariz.
Industry: Mobile Technology
Application: Mobile Phone Application

SK&A Physician Email Addresses Drive New Memberships for Doctor Social Media Website
Company: Doximity Corporation, San Mateo, Calif.
Industry: Technology/Social Media
Application: Data Matching

Nova Biomedical Uses SK&A Hospital List to Realign Sales Territories and Improve Efficiency
Company: Nova Biomedical, Waltham, Mass.
Industry: Medical Equipment
Application: Sales Territory Distribution

Consulting Group Achieves 15-percent Open Rate and 5-percent Click-through Rate with SK&A Hospital Email Data
Company: Studer Group, Gulf Breeze, Fla.
Industry: Healthcare Consulting
Application: Multi-Channel

SK&A Pharmacy Telephone Data Helps The RX Exchange Establish 70 Percent of its Client Roster
Company: The RX Exchange, Atlanta, Ga.
Industry: Pharmaceutical Services
Application: Telephone Marketing

SK&A Hospital Email and Phone Data Helps CME Provider Place Programs
Company: The Academy for Continued Healthcare Learning, Chicago, Ill.
Industry: Continuing Medical Education
Application: Multi-Channel

SK&A Physician and Nurse Data Drives More Than $140,000 in Recruiting Placements
Company: M Golden Staffing, Branson, Mo.
Industry: Healthcare Recruiting
Application: Telephone Marketing

SK&A Helps Life Uniform with New Space Locations and Increases in Sales
Company: Life Uniform, St. Louis, Mo.
Industry: Healthcare Uniform Retailer
Application: Email Deployment

SK&A Email Data Drives an Additional 40 Percent of Attendees for Amyloidosis Webinar
Company: The Binding Site Inc., San Diego, Calif.
Industry: Biotechnology
Application: Email Deployment

Property Group Uses SK&A Market Intelligence to Analyze Potential for Medical-Office Building Project
Company: The Lauth Property Group, Indianapolis, Ind.
Industry: Real Estate Development
Application: Live Counts and Live Access, online search tools

Software Developer Targets Pediatricians and Closes 20 Sales
Company: American Medical Software, Edwardsville, Ill.
Industry: Office Automation
Application: Direct Mail

SK&A Personalizes Email Campaign to Hospital CIO Targets
Company: Marketing Symphony, LP, Irving, Texas
Industry: Healthcare Consulting
Application: Email Deployment

Simpler Consulting Targets Hospital CEOs for Workshop Attendance
Company: Simpler Consulting, St. Louis, Mo.
Industry: Management Consultants
Application: Direct Mail

Fax Service Helps Recruiter Surpass Survey Goals
Company: Market Plus, Mashpee, Mass.
Industry: Market Research/Pharmaceutical
Application: Fax Broadcast

SK&A Delivers NICU Nurses and Other Specialties to Merrion Healthcare Solutions for Telephone Recruitment Campaign
Company: Merrion Healthcare Solutions, LLC, Marietta, Ga.
Industry: Healthcare Consulting
Application: Telephone Marketing

Telephone Campaign Yields 10-Percent Response Rate with SK&A Data
Company: MedPanel LLC, Cambridge, Mass.
Industry: Healthcare Consulting
Application: Telephone Marketing

SK&A Helps European Company Identify Physicians and Pharmacies for U.S. Product Launch
Company: Bio-Norica, San Clemente, Calif.
Industry: Biotechnology
Application: Live Access, an online database lookup/mapping tool

Blue Phantom’s Direct-Mail Results Jump 50 Percent
Company: Blue Phantom Ultrasound Training Models, Kirkland, Wash.
Industry: Medical Equipment
Application: Direct Mail