Patient engagement is easily one of the hot-button topics in healthcare these days, but physician engagement may be catching up.

According to a recent survey by The Advisory Board Company, the latter
form of engagement was listed by healthcare CEOs as the biggest
opportunity to improve the healthcare system in 2015.

“More executives were interested in identifying best practices for
engaging physicians in cost and quality improvements than in any other
topic in the poll – a notable change from the previous year’s poll, when
physician engagement was the third-ranked area of interest,” The
Advisory Board Company noted.

The topic of physician engagement was cited more than twice the amount
of other topics, with almost 90 percent of hospitals and health systems
calling attention to the matter.

“Our research underscores that physician engagement is imperative to an
organization’s successful transition to value-based care models,” Chas
Roades, chief research officer at The Advisory Board Company, said in a
statement. “Driving fundamental and sustainable changes to providers’
business model is impossible without buy-in from the clinicians on the
frontlines of patient care.”

Specifically, there are five areas that providers should explore when it comes to physician engagement:

The Advisory Board Company surveyed 157 C-suite executive members in December 2014.

  • Engaging physicians in cost and quality improvements
  • Redesigning service portfolios for population health
  • Strengthening primary care physician alignment
  • Utilizing direct-to-employer contracting
  • Controlling avoidable utilization

    From Med City News, by Dan Verel, March 2, 2015