Healthcare providers and professionals move to new locations or practices, retire or pass away at an average rate of 12.7% percent each year based on an eight-year ongoing survey. SK&A has identified 96 physician specialties and their annual inactive rates, as well as the top 20 fastest-growing specialties and inactive rates for medical office personnel. The most recent data reveals that Aerospace Medicine and Urgent Care Specialists are among the highest move rates, with Ophthalmology and Pediatric Radiology among the lowest.

Because more than 12 percent of healthcare providers and professionals move, retire, pass away, or make other professional changes each year, the need to clean and augment data is critical to ensure sales and marketing success. SK&A’s state-of-the-art Research Center can analyze and append data lists by electronically verifying contact and site records. Expand your market with new contacts and affiliations; and save time and money by reaching out to the right contacts at the right locations.