Earning a living is about more than what you take home. It’s about having choices about how and where you dispose of your disposable income—choices that can be severely curtailed by high taxes, malpractice costs, and the cost of living.

For all 50 states, we analyzed data on cost-of-living from the Missouri Economic Research and Information Center, malpractice payouts per capita from Diederich Healthcare, overall state and local tax burden from the Tax Foundation, and physician compensation from the 2015 Medscape Physician Compensation Survey and used this information to identify the 25 “best” states, where physicians can stretch their earnings the furthest and the five “worst” states, where they might have to pinch a few pennies.

We then asked Medscape readers for their recommendations, talked to recruiters about practice conditions in the various states, reviewed responses to the Physicians Foundation’s 2014 survey of more than 20,000 US doctors, and interviewed practicing physicians to find out what makes their locations special.

After identifying the best states, we’ve suggested a town or city in each state that might interest you.

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From Medscape, by Shelly Reese, May 18, 2015