Becker’s Hospital Review is pleased to highlight a variety of Medicare and commercial payer ACOs, the majority of which are led by hospitals or health systems.

Accountable care organizations now cover approximately 23 million lives, according to Leavitt Partners. As the ACO movement continues to grow, this year marks some growing pains: Recent CMS data shows just one in four ACOs qualified for shared savings in 2014, 27 Medicare Shared Savings Program ACOs discreetly left the program and Pioneer ACOs have dwindled to 19.

Yet interest in ACOs and value-based care persists. In January, an additional 89 MSSP ACOs joined the ranks and 20 major health systems, payers and other stakeholders pledged to convert 75 percent of their business to value-based arrangements by 2020. In March, CMS launched its newest pilot, the Next Generation ACO. The estimated number of ACOs in public and private programs tops 740, according to Leavitt Partners, and if trends continue, ACOs have the potential to cover at least 75 million lives.

This is the fourth year Becker’s Hospital Review has published its list of ACOs to know. For this year’s list, ACOs were selected for inclusion based on a number of factors, including the number of providers in the network, earned shared savings and quality scores in Medicare’s ACO programs, the lifespan of the ACO, whether it has arrangements with multiple payers, and if it recently struck new payer agreements or joined a new model. ACOs are presented in alphabetical order and are either listed by formal name of the ACO or, if the organization has several contracts, by name of the health system or provider group associated with those ACOs.

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Written by Staff | September 23, 2015