In-house analysts keep the data fresh and useful

Verifying Data
SK&A healthcare databases are comprised of the most up-to-date information available in the industry today. Our research shows that 12 percent of physicians move each year. That means we update over 100,000 physician files in our database every year!

What allows us to keep up with the constant change and offer our customers the most accurate marketing information? Our team of 108 experienced Research Associates in our advanced Research Center. Unlike other list and database companies, SK&A employs a highly trained, full-time staff of Research Associates.

How do we achieve uncommon levels of accuracy and completeness?

  • We call every physician office and hospital in our database every six months.
  • We analyze our clients’ databases for any unique and valid records.
  • Our trained experts verify physician names, specialties, titles, phone numbers, email addresses, fax numbers, patient volume, and physician affiliation with medical groups, health systems, and hospitals.
  • Our quality assurance staff imposes strict policies to ensure that our data quality remains the industry’s best.
  • We’ve established long-term relationships that enable us to easily obtain and update information in our database.

In addition to our Research Center team, our data-collecting team continuously acquires and verifies new data that’s gathered through such sources as:

  • Company and corporate directories
  • Websites
  • State licensing and other government agencies’ mergers and acquisitions announcements
  • Trade publications
  • Yellow Pages and directories
  • Professional associations